About the Procedure Professionals Association

Mission – The Procedure Professionals Association, Inc. (PPA) is the collective voice and leader in procedure and work instruction writing, processing, and associated training for member facilities that span industries such as commercial nuclear power generation, Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), Oil and Gas. The association provides consistent and benchmarked guidance to its members. PPA accomplishes this mission by:

• Conducting an annual conference that provides opportunities for sharing of information, operating experience, and lessons learned. The annual conference provides exceptional opportunities for benchmarking and networking. For over 30 years, this conference has been the premier learning opportunity for procedure writers, reviewers, approvers, and program managers. PPA remains committed to continually improving this opportunity.

• Maintaining a training program and PPA Certified Instructors to deliver training to Procedure Writers and Planners at both member and non-member facilities.

• Maintaining an open and effective forum for member engagement throughout the year via the PPA Website and ready availability of Steering Committee members.

The Principles of Operation provides additional details on how PPA is organized and operated to meet these goals.


PPA achieves its mission by:

  • Sponsoring the annual procedure symposium
  • Sponsoring procedure standards PPA-AP-907-001(Process), PPA-AP-907-005(Writing), and supporting sub-standards
  • Managing the writer certification program
  • Promoting procedure quality, information sharing, networking, and benchmarking opportunities
  • Interfacing with regulatory and evaluation agencies
  • Coordinating with other groups in its area of interest

PPA History


2005 - 17th Annual Procedure Symposium

The Professionals Procedure Association (PPA) was founded to give the stakeholders a strong platform for providing input to the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) and the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).


PPA members were integrally involved in the development of AP-907-001 (Procedure Process) and AP-907-005 (Procedure Writers Guide), both elements of the Standard Nuclear Performance Model (SNPM). Since 1998, SNPM has provided a concise summary of nuclear processes including cost definitions, staffing definitions, and key performance indicators.


PPA members were involved in the task force to develop a procedure use and adherence guide that resulted in
INPO 09-003.

PPA also developed and issued training materials for procedure writer certification based on the INPO Systematic Approach to Training process.

2013 - 25th Annual Procedure Symposium

PPA celebrated the 25th annual procedure symposium at the Vinoy Renaissance in St. Petersburg.


PPA upgraded and streamlined the procedure writer certification training materials and created a new writer qualification for work planners.