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About the Procedure Professionals Association

The Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) is the nuclear industry's collective voice and leader in procedure writing and processing. The association provides consistent and benchmarked guidance to commercial nuclear facilities and the Department of Energy's nuclear ancillaries. The mission of PPA is to function as a non-profit organization that promotes the development of procedure standards and the exchange of information to increase reliability, improve performance, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of nuclear facilities.

PPA was founded in August of 2005 at the closing of the 17th annual procedure symposium. The annual symposium had been sponsored and hosted by NUS/Scientech since its inception in 1988. Leaders in the procedure field proposed that an industry association would give stakeholders a strong platform from which to provide input to industry oversight groups such as the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) and the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).

In 2006, members of PPA were integrally involved in the development of the AP-907-001, Procedure Process, and AP-907-005, Procedure Writer's Guide, both elements of the Standard Nuclear Performance Model. The Standard Nuclear Performance Model is a comprehensive model that includes INPO, NEI, and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) process descriptions and provides a consistent basis for describing how work is done at nuclear stations.

Currently, the PPA is delivering the industry's first procedure writing certification and standardized training program based on the job-task analysis for procedure writers.

PPA sponsors an annual conference to provide opportunities for sharing of information, operating experience, and lessons learned. The annual conference also provides exceptional opportunities for benchmarking and networking. For over 20 years, this conference has been the premier learning opportunity for procedure writers, reviewers, approvers, and program managers. PPA remains committed to continually improving this opportunity.

The Principles of Operation provides additional details on how PPA is organized and operated to meet these goals.