DIRECTOR PROJECT – PPA is partnering with Idaho National Laboratory (INL) on a project call DIRECTOR (Dynamic Instructions Editing Tool Requirements) to define the requirements for procedure editing tools that support development of Dynamic and Adaptive Procedures. This project is lead by Johanna Oxstrand, Human Factors Scientist at INL. The project team will gather at the 2019 PPA Symposium (Kissimmee Florida on June 18th through 20th) as one of several team meeting to drive this initiative forward. For more info on this initiative, contact Johanna Oxstrand at [email protected] or Dwight Hargett at [email protected].

10/24/2019 Update РDiscussions and breakout sessions associated with the Director Initiative were a major theme at the 2019 PPA procedure Symposium. INL has followed up with a report that provides a detailed description of the initiatives goals, acknowledgements to participating companies and key individuals, and a summary of input and lessons learned from the discussions held at the PPA Procedure Symposium. Let Johanna or I (email links above) know if you have any additional feedback or want to participate in this effort after reviewing.